AFT S.P.A. - Arga Fabes Technology

Contact person: Sig. Roberto Paganuzzi
Correspondence: Italiano, English
Yearly Turnover: € 9'000'000
Import: 5
Export: 75
Foundation: 2002
Operation Level: International

Address: Viale del Commercio, 40
29122 Piacenza Italy
Phone: +39052364 02 11
Fax: +390523 59 22 91

The production, trade and technological know-how of AFT has been built by three companies and their brands in over fifty years of activity, namely: COMEC, ARGA, FABES. Companies manufacturers of machines and plants, created and developed by businessmen with different stories have been brought together about 10 years ago by a completely new management that pursues development in a global market.

The grinding machines for friction materials and permanent magnets, the production of presses (originally for buttons and later for various other application fields), the machines for the cold pressing and sintering of diamond tools, which form the original story of each brand, have allowed to find a common thread in the process of weighing, compacting, treatment and processing of composite powders.

The confluence of COMEC, ARGA and FABES in AFT and the process of integration that followed may indicate a way for small businesses to grow and face the global market under appropriate conditions enhancing their technological background.

International marble exhibition
30/09/2020 - 03/10/2020
Location Fiere di Verona