Antal Glass Studio

Contact person: Mr. Antal Szilárd Tamás
Correspondence: English

Address: Eotvos U. 44
1067 Budapest Hungary
Phone: +3630985 20 98

Our studio was established in 1999 to meet complex customer requirements from design to quality execution. Our unique and creative solutions contribute to the enrichment of private, commercial, residential and public spaces functionally as well as aesthetically.

Through our work we wish to show that architectural and decorative interior glass is a noble and exciting material in contemporary architecture.

We constantly expand the use of unique glass for architectural and interior design applications such as frameless doors and glasswalls, glass showers, glass furniture, lamps.

We continuously challenge ourselves by combining arts and crafts with innovative industrial glass manufacturing technologies.

International exhibition for contemporary furniture
22/09/2021 - 25/09/2021
Location Olympia Exhibition Centre
Great Britain