Romano, Annita

Correspondence: Deutsch, English

Address: Taunusblick 14
65760 Eschborn Germany
Phone: +4915146 40 28 78

« If we consider Painting as the art of harmonization of colors, textures and shades, I could say that may works are canvases. As the others paint, I sew - indefinitely - overlapped layers of fabrics. Needles and threads are my brushes.

My canvases are composed of 'fragments': pieces of dreams, desires, love and loss. In the deep of it, a world full of poetry and contradiction. A world based on the sense, or nonsense of my own existence.

I bread the thread through the needle searching for a connection, for unity, sometimes so far and impossible, sometimes so close and invisible.

And at the end, despite the emptiness, the perception that I must go on, even without aiming...just to belong to somewhere, to someone».

National textile exhibition
19/06/2021 - 20/06/2021
Location Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte