Angelia & Pets

Correspondence: English

Address: (1F, No. 308 Sec.) 1 Neihu Rd.
11444 Taipei Taiwan
Phone: +88622627 7758
Fax: +8862 2799 4437

Angelis & Pets is a brand that originates from Taiwan.

From the brand's concept to the materialization of merchandise, every single step stems from the heart of this area. It is here from Taipei that Angelia & Pets will reach out to every corner of the world.

Angelia & Pets stands firmly on the brand philosophy and build up a unique culture of its own. A&P philosophy runs through every single detail of the brand, from the initial idea to the ultimate concept, from the original design to the final products. Both the packaging and products manifest its brand spirit and deliver its interpretation on social tendencies. Angelia & Pets aims to communicate with customers through merchandise. Goods are no longer run- of- the- mill but creations with thoughts and characteristics.Insistent on selective materials, attentive to the minutest details therefore generate the reflective creations of Angelia & Pets. Apart from being products, merchandise stimulates dialogues with consumers.

"WE LIE THEREFORE WE ARE" is not too far from reality! The ruthless truth is lies lurk everywhere, especially ever-present among fashion industry.

So, If lies are inevitable why not just feel free to LIE frankly! Lies can definitely win a knowing smile by ways of humor and creativity. This is the brand mission of Angelia & Pets! We decide to reverse the stereotype of lies and deliver more fun and humor to the public.

BREAD & BUTTER is not staged anymore
International trade show for selected fashion brands and music festival
31/08/2018 - 02/09/2018
Location Arena Berlin