Allseas Spas

Contact person: M. Emmanuel Janot
Correspondence: Français
Foundation: 2014

Address: 3 Rue Raymond Berthout
14500 Vire France
Phone: +33630 66 46 75

Imagine being able to step into your very own private Spa after a long stressful and strenuous day and indulge yourself in a pure moment of relaxation in a hot bubbly tub! With its wide range of spas, Global Partner invites you to turn this fantasy into a reality.

Our spas are not just a lavish accessory to have around your home, but are an amazingly delightful way of relieving physical and emotional stress, muscular pain and improving your blood circulation. Global Partner spas combine the effects of heat, buoyancy and hydrotherapy to treat your body and help relax your mind.

Global Partner spas are designed to provide total relaxation and wellbeing to the body. Soaking in a spa for a certain amount of time is a great way to release the tensions of the day and will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

For starters, the buoyancy of the water helps relieve the pressure on your muscles, bones and tendons. While the bubbling waters of the spa can be particularly soothing, the massage-like effects of the water jets knead your muscles and help let go of the tensions in your body. Our spas also allow you to indulge in a wonderful session of reflexology simply by placing the sole of your feet directly in front of the water jets. This will stimulate the nerve ending in your feet and help improve the sensation of wellbeing and your mood.