AL Global Solutions Ltd.

Contact person: Mr. Alexis Soto
Correspondence: English
Foundation: 2010
Operation Level: International

Address: (Rm. 1003, Hung Kei Mansion), 8 Queen Victoria St.
Central Hong Kong
Phone: +8526710 9291

DEROCA is a creative lighting and home décor company that was founded on a tradition of transforming rich natural materials into objects of enduring beauty. The name DEROCA embodies the bold magnificence of the natural beauty found in the spectacular forms, colors and textures of minerals, fossils and stones.

Each mineral and stone is handpicked and carefully treated to reveal its individual beauty and character. The stunning shapes, textures, and color patterns are a fusion of natural elements and processes formed over thousands of years, and cannot be duplicated or recreated. Our design and craftsmanship focuses on creating distinctive, stylish lighting that showcases their beauty and softly speaks the history within them.

Our selection includes stunning exotic minerals and stones from all parts of the world, including Mexico, South Africa, Morocco, Madagascar, Brazil and more. We use a range of materials, including silks and linen, to fabricate our shades that compliment and accentuate the meticulously chosen stones. All materials can be customized per your request.

Interior design lighting
Custom design

Show of new lighting products
06/04/2021 - 09/04/2021
Location HKCEC Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Hong Kong
Hong Kong