AIS Flight Academy

Contact person: Ms. Nicole Scheffer
Correspondence: English

Address: Flamingoweg 20
8218 NW Lelystad Netherlands
Phone: +3132026 87 99
Fax: +31320 26 88 76

AIS Flight Academy offers an integrated education for everyone who wants to become a commercial aviator. Both theory and practical sessions are taught in The Netherlands. Furthermore, at AIS you will almost immediately start with practical sessions.

You will fly to many destinations in Europe. Since the European air space is crowded and weather conditions are changing continuously, these flight hours will be of great value for your future career. AIS Flight Academy has an extended fleet to make sure there are always enough aircrafts available for our students.

Students who finish their education and grading successfully are offered a job opportunity as a first officer on the Jetstream 32 at AIS Airlines. With that, AIS Airlines offers you an unique chance to build up flight experience in your first job in commercial aviation. You will operate daily flights in - for instance - Scandinavia and Germany where you have to deal with continuously changing weather conditions. With a vast number of European flight hours, you have formed a perfect basis for the continuation of your flight career.