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AGRICOW is a dynamic company with strong traditions and a clear vision of the future in the international agricultural market.

We are pioneers and specialized in COW COMFORT and our goal is to offer complete solutions for the cow welfare to improve the labor quality and the profit of the farmer. We are in a phase characterized by a steady decline of the milk price and with an increase of production costs.

It becomes essential to implement strategies aimed at increasing company profitability.

It becomes important to talk about COW COMFORT understood as the study of possible solutions to the stress factors that induce the housing as unnatural situation. For us, the COW COMFORT is a true philosophy: animal welfare is a concept already clears from our roots that go beyond simply selling mattresses, brushes or rubber mats.

We take care of the living space of the cow, that must feel good inside and outside the barn, an environment of total comfort system includes: mattresses, stall mats and dairy flooring, scrapers, electric brushes for nice massage, steel facilities prefabricated, destratificators and fans, machines for the treatment of stable, trench covers.

We are a company made up of a team of enthusiastic and professional people; we ensure the same attention and care to all our customers both small family breeders as the big group.

National exhibition for livestock and poultry production
09/02/2021 - 12/02/2021
Location Deutsche Messe

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