A.G.A. Group

Contact person: Mr. Fran Giroler
Correspondence: English
Operation Level: National

Address: A.G.A. Group (Merton Hall Ponds)
IP25 6QH Merton Great Britain
Phone: +44195388 68 24
Web: http://www.agagroup.co.uk

The A.G.A. Group is the parent organisation under which a number of specialist divisions operate, Aquatic Consultancy, Bioengineering, Fishery Management, Lake and Pond Construction, these divisions allow for in-depth understanding of specific elements of the aquatic environment and provide expert knowledge in specific fields.

Also under the umbrella of the A.G.A Group is the Merton Hall Ponds site which is one of the largest aquatic plant nurseries in the UK so a variety of aquatic plant species can be easily sourced all year round.

Bioengineering has become the favoured method of achieving high standards of effective erosion control, water quality and habitat improvement where a sustainable environmental approach is important to the specific project in question.

The restoration and enhancement of the UK's canal network, its waterways and coastlines can be achieved in a more sensitive fashion using a combination of natural and living materials alongside more accepted 'hard' methods. In many cases 'hard' solutions can be completely replaced by a bioengineered 'soft' methods and where this is not possible bioengineering techniques can be used to 'green-up' and soften the 'hard' engineered option.


National game fair
23/07/2021 - 25/07/2021
Location Ragley Hall
Great Britain
National sports amenities landscaping trade exhibition
03/11/2021 - 04/11/2021
Location NEC National Exhibition Centre
Great Britain