Aero Optimal Ltd.

Contact person: Dr. G. Roshan
Correspondence: English
Foundation: 2006
Operation Level: International, National

Address: The Atrium Business Centre, Curtis Road
RH4 1XA Dorking Great Britain
Phone: +44 1306 646 770
Fax: +44 1306 646 771

Aero Optimal is a Technical Company established in 2006 providing specialised services to the aerospace industry with particular strengths in solving unique and challenging technical problems using innovative solutions.

We specialise in the following areas:
- Design, Stress Analysis & Optimisation of composite & metallic aerostructures
- Design, Stress Analysis & Optimisation of composite structures
- End to end support of the aerospace certification process
- Structrural Testing (Coupon to Component)
- Structural Repair Manuals (Composite and Metallic)
- Manufacturing Support of QA Prog. FPQ, FAI, DQN, DCN, Concessions & Repairs
- Design and analysis of structural equipment (Seats & Galleys)
- Liaison with partners in support of the engineering process from concept to market

Our specialists are experts in their fields and use the latest design, analysis and in-house developed Optimisation tool, offering innovative rapid responses to our clients on time and within budget.

Technical Consultancy Company (Design Analysis of Aerostructures)