AeroElvira Limited

Contact person: Mr. John Edgley
Correspondence: English
Operation Level: Regional

Address: (The Old Dairey), Three Arch Bridge
SP3 6RA Tisbury Great Britain
Phone: +44174787 05 09

AeroElvira Ltd consists of four very different people and skill sets. Their paths crossed in the eighties at Old Sarum Salisbury, England, whilst working on the design, development and certification of the Edgley Optica surveillance aircraft.

Since that time the four have pursued different paths, but starting in 2008 had the opportunity to harmonise their skills again on a new and exciting venture. This will use the Optica and Sprint Projects acquired in 2008 (which had lain dormant for the previous 11 years) as a springboard to design and develop new light aircraft for the 21st century.

Owners of the Optica Project and IP.