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Operation Level: International

Address: Dr. Lelykade 20
2583 CM Den Haag Netherlands
Phone: +31703 22 32 24

Aerialtronics designs, produces and services unmanned aircraft systems. In 2014 Aerialtronics successfully launched its 3rd generation system, the Altura Zenith. By collecting aerial data and processing it into valuable information the Zenith platform gives clients valuable insights to make smart business decisions. The Zenith is designed as an advanced information-collecting platform. It's a high performance-flying server that records, processes and transmits data back to the cloud where analytics turn it into information.

Aerialtronics' systems can be applied to a wide variety of segments including; Safety & Security, Inspection, Creative, Surveying & Mapping, Agriculture and Research. Aerialtronics has an extensive development road map and is committed to improve the operations of all its customers.

To provide assistance to all our international customers from a multitude of countries worldwide, Aerialtronics offers support services in several languages. All support staff is thoroughly trained and briefed to solve your problems instantaneously.

International security exhibition
20/09/2022 - 23/09/2022
Location Messe Essen