ACL Footwear Co. Ltd.

Contact person: Wei-Chung Liao
Correspondence: English
Yearly Turnover: 3.8
Foundation: 1985

Address: (No. 427), Huacheng Rd.
24253 Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei Ci Taiwan
Phone: +88628521 2345
Fax: +8862 8521 5711

ALL BLACK is a well established brand in Taiwan where it is designed and manufactured; the brand is made by ACL Footwear Company, which has been in the footwear business for two generations. We introduced ALL BLACK to the North American market place in June of 2006.

Immediately Anthropologie selected ALL BLACK as a key vendor and today 7 years later we still value our special relationship with Anthropologie and the other Urban Outfitters brands.

ALL BLACK has evolved over the past 7 years to a position of a trend setter in the contemporary design segment of the women?s shoe market. Our brand has established a look that is now well known for being just enough different to be unique but not too far over the edge to be risky.

We have introduced signature materials such as tilapia fish skin that was copied and used by a range of high end designers as well as our mid level competitors. Our recycled newspaper collection has received global recognition as both innovative and fashionable.

We improved our comfort focus by using ''Soft Sole'' construction that provide a flexible sole and our heels are considered ''just the right height'' to be both fashionable and walkable.

ALL BLACK has also earned the reputation as a dependable, high quality brand, which looks more expensive then are prices represent. We deliver on time and we stand behind the quality of our brand.