Accentuate Games Ltd.

Contact person: Ms. Fiona Fraser-Bell
Correspondence: English
Yearly Turnover: £ 300 K
Foundation: 2013
Operation Level: International

Address: Unit 3, Millenium Court, Buildwas Rd., (Clayhill Light Ind. Park, Neston)
CH64 3UX Neston Great Britain
Phone: +44 330 400 41 62

The game that will have you laughing your accents off!

It's simple: read a quote from a Quotation Card in the accent printed on the Accent Card selected; if your team mates guess correctly you win the points displayed on the accent card.

The trick is to convey the essence of the accent to your team mates, without giving any verbal or visual clues. Your team mates' jobs are to giggle hysterically, ridicule you and - regardless of how terrible your accent is - guess correctly.

Accentuate is played by teams with a minimum of two players each. The aim is to guess which accent your teammate is trying to immitate. The opposing team may also have the chance to guess the accent and win a point should "All" be rolled on the dice.

Each team selects a speaker for the first round, who will roll the dice to determine play options - Swap, Play, Pass or All.

The speaker chooses a Quotation Card then an Accent Card. At this point the sand timer should be flipped and the speaker has 30 seconds to recite the quotation in an accent - without giving any other clue to the accent.

The speaker's team can confer before presenting the one official guess to win the points on the accent card. Play then passes to the next team. The game carries on for as many rounds as your like. The winning team is the first one to reach 15 points.

Accent Based Card Game

International toy exhibition
25/01/2022 - 27/01/2022
Location Olympia Exhibition Centre
Great Britain