AAA-Best Enterprise Corporation

Contact person: Mr. Eagle Huang
Correspondence: English

Address: (3F., No. 70-1, Hsi Ning N. Road)
103 Taipei Taiwan
Phone: +88622550 9226
Fax: +8862 2550 9228

Lykoi is an international leader in hand tools and workshop equipment, specialising in design, Manufacture and logistics. Lykoi has conveniently located offices and co-operative partnerships around the globe staffed with the best people. We are looking forward to supplying you the best the world can offer.

Lykoi means "wolf" we emulate the tenacious and loyal aspects of this animal as well as its shyness. At Lykoi we put your business first, happy to shy away from the spotlight, we deliver from the background forming our pack of quality product suppliers and service providers to help you our customer lead.

The Global market is becoming sparse of easy opportunities, to maximise the remaining opportunities organisations need to capitalise on their core competencies. Through the Lykoi network "our Pack" you are supported by hundreds of firms doing just that, focusing on their core competencies for your benefit.

Lykoi pack is with you ensuring service levels exceed your expectations in line with your value expectations. We have amassed a large portfolio to cater to the unique requirements of each customer. Offers a small selection of our available range. We prefer to work with you to develop your range and specific product requirements. The Lykoi pack is Please fill in the contact form and our closest regional representative will respond to your request promptly.

International trade fair for the automotive aftermarket industries
14/09/2021 - 18/09/2021
Location Messe Frankfurt