5G Energy Ltd.

Contact person: Mr. Mrinal Chakravarty
Correspondence: English
Foundation: 2014

Address: 202 - 203 Colonnade Road
ON K2E 7K3 Ottawa Canada
Phone: +1613368 4809
Web: http://www.5genergy.ca

5G Energy is a 5G group company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. The company specializes in smart energy management solutions for reducing energy intensity and carbon footprint of organizations. 5G Energy also offers industrial IoT solutions for reducing waste, non-value added costs and human operator stress using assisted and augmented reality technologies. The company has group operations in Mexico, UK and India.

Enriching Lives Via Innovation': Our purpose is to provide creative and innovative solutions to our customers in the area of digital technology. By continuously doing so, we shall endeavour to enrich ourselves, our fellow employees, partners, shareholders and the community at large.

The vision of 5G Energy is to become a significant global player in building embedded and connected intelligence solutions for "smart communities and cities" of the future that shall bring together industry, institutions, government and the citizens at large in order to achieve a higher quality of life, improved efficiencies and wise management of natural resources via real-time participatory action between all of the said stakeholders.

Energy Management and Solution