T/A 3D-Lipo

Correspondence: English
Yearly Turnover: 1,500,000 AUD
Foundation: 2012
Operation Level: National

Address: 22 Punch St.
NSW 2064 Artramon Australia
Phone: +6141963 8581
Web: http://www.3d-lipo.com.au

After several years working with Laser Lipolysis devices and understanding the frustrations and limitations of such machines, especially the exercise post treatment, I stumbled across new technologies that offered a ray of light.

The thought process from this point was to create a device that was fundamentally different. As we have been preaching over the years with the anti-aging market it is important to try and be different as a clinic in order to stand alone in a competitive environment. It has always been my belief that clinics should be more bespoke, prescriptive when selling treatments to their clients.

Every clients needs are different and there is no one fix for all. Many clinics now follow this approach and combine different technologies to match their client's indications and their clients keep coming back for more.

Body machines have nearly always followed a single level of treatment focusing on muscle, cellulite, fat or skin tightening.

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