2Connect B.V.

Correspondence: English

Address: (Postbus 11)
5140 AA Waalwijk Netherlands
Phone: +3141667 1780
Fax: +3184 757 0661
Web: http://www.2-connect.info

2Connect was founded in 2000 aiming to become the leading one stop shop for customers demanding very specific cables, connectors, electronic packaging and interconnection modules. We want to create great industrial products: reliable, cost efficient and innovative.

We design, develop and produce for a broad range of OEM and ODM customers worldwide. Our global presence (headquarters in the Netherlands, support by our Asian locations and Romanian production) enables us to support you in the most effective ways.

Our lean methods of designing, developing and producing guarantee quick and cost effective solutions, supported by high quality systems such as ISO, ISO 13485 (medical), VDE, UL/CSA approvals and IPC A-620 standards. As a fully independent organization we create great solutions to meet your high standards. All your interconnection wishes, no matter how complicated, can be solved.

Markets: Automotive, Health Care, Sensor industry, High tech equipment, Green technology