21C Pets

Contact person: Mr. Keith Wiggins
Correspondence: English
Yearly Turnover: £ 200,000
Foundation: Feb 2015
Operation Level: International

Address: (Foxglove Manor)
RG8 7NT Whitchurch On Thames Great Britain
Phone: +44113255 45 60
Web: http://www.pettime.co.uk

PetTime has been developed to use the best of today's technology in a unique way to ensure you are never more than a click away from connecting to your four-legged friend.

PetTime is wireless communication device for your home, that you can control through your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

PetTime allows you speak with your pet, take photos and videos and reward your pet with low calorie treats, even when you have to leave your home.

Connecting you and your pet
Given today's hectic lifestyle, there are occasions when you will need to leave your pet home alone.

Dogs crave our company and love nothing more than having fun. PetTime bridges the times when your pet is home alone, bringing you and your pet together in an exciting way and introducing playtime and training opportunities when you are away.

Dogs just want to have fun!
Using PetTime will provide your dog with nutritional treats and the care and attention they miss when you're away from home. Valuable time

PetTime gives you the opportunity to spend precious time with your pet and the ability to see, hear and play with your dog whenever you like.

Innovative pet electronics designed to help owners contact there pets via smart phones & reward with low calorie treats

International exhibition of pets
27/09/2020 - 28/09/2020
Location International Centre Telford
Telford (changing)
Great Britain